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Finding Light final
pink house b
Creating an Opening a
Dream House
She was warned 3 detail
House Shift install


Over the past thirty years, my artwork has evolved in both approach and content. It continues to be fueled by my emotions. Through my work, I invite the viewer to contemplate my experiences as they are reflected in my art.

On a broader scale, my work tends to interpret cultural and social issues, such as the quest for spiritual meaning, dealing with pain and loss, and the discovery of moments of peace and happiness within. All of these issues are filtered through my eyes as a woman, a wife, a daughter, a mother. Being an artist is both painful and healing for me.

Most of my work, regardless of presentation, contains fiber of some sort, as I like the malleability and familiarity it presents. I am also a lifelong journal keeper, so I generally keep track of inspirational dreams and ideas in my journals. Sketches, writing, and marks made there often end up in my artwork, though they are not always visible to the viewer.

Join me in exploring this emotional landscape through art.

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