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Creating an Opening a
Beauty Queen install
lewis jacket back
Masks ii Joybringer series
Masks 3 Prayers for the Dead 1
day momma died front A
turtle spirit original quilt
masks 1
turtle spirit 1
rr quilt001
my hands 1001
joie 2 4000 HB YES


Despite the fact that I work with a variety of traditional artist media--collage, paint, photography, drawing--I am often asked what an "art quilt" is. My response is simple: an art quilt is the end product of an artist’s idea. Regardless of the medium an artist selects, the work is always about ideas. Techniques can be copied; self-expression cannot.


My artwork is personal and sensuous, rich with my ideas and experiences, expressed, collage-like, in layers. I often incorporate sheer fabrics and stitching into my paintings, or paint, found objects, and paper into my art quilts. I use whatever works to tell the story.

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